Lily Brown’s Paintings, by Angela Johnson and E.B. Lewis


Lily Brown’s Paintings by Angela Johnson and E. B. Lewis is a wonderful look at a child’s imagination. The book talks about the ways in which Lily uses paints to impose her imaginings on the world around her, setting sailing ships amid fields of corn and animals picnicking in her local park.


I love the soft, watercolour pictures of this book, and how it gives licence to those all-important daydreams that every child has. I love how Lily’s pictures mimic famous works of art without it seeming contrived. I love the tone of the book – how hopeful and full of wonder it is.

Which is why I made it the focus for another story sack.

Lily brown

In this sack, I included the Usbourne Children’s Book of Art, some water colours, some paint brushes and another book which is completely deserving of a dedicated review, Beautiful Oops!

To go with this sack, I prepared this sheet of ideas for discussions and games: Lily Brown PDF Download

If you don’t happen to have any water colours to hand, you can use any other art supplies, or even a paintbrush and some water on a concrete/tarmac/wooden surface outdoors – the water will act as a mess-free paint. My kids use old decorating brushes for this and it becomes a whole-body art-spree. Information about the history of art is available online and free art lesson plans can be found here.

I’d love to see some of the art you manage to create – why not share them on The Inquisitive Newt facebook page?

Farn ❤


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