Welcome to The Inquisitive Newt.

My name is Farn and I’m the mother of two very curious small people. At the time of writing, my eldest is six and my youngest is three. We live in the North-East of Scotland.

Reading has always been a personal passion, but it was only after having Daughter that I realised how many positive, entertaining and often beautiful children’s books there are in the world. And how little attention these books receive in the grand scheme of things.

I originally began to chronicle some of our better finds on a long-abandoned blog that I began in 2012, but it soon became apparent that the range of other subjects I covered left little time for books. And after the birth of Son, there was little time for anything at all.

But sure enough, both children have grown significantly since then, and I find myself with the opportunity to share some of the books which brighten up our day-to-day lives. I’ve done my best to categorise them so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and I have tried to be as inclusive as I know how. That said, I’m far from perfect and am always learning so if you see anything I’ve missed, I would love for you to let me know.

Finally if there are books you’d like to see which I haven’t covered, I’m always really excited to receive recommendations and will try to get hold of a copy. And should I receive review samples from publishers, I will fully disclose this. Alternatively, if you are a publisher and have work you would like me to review, do please get in touch.

Many thanks, and happy reading.

Farn ❤

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