There are NO Cats in this Book by Viviane Schwarz


I was so excited when I learned about There are NO Cats in this Book by Viviane Schwarz. As a huge fan of the original – the aptly named, There Are Cats in this Book – finding this in the library was something akin to finding treasure.

In this sequel, the reader arrives on the first page just in time to see the three cats packing to leave on an outing into the world. But the cats are having trouble removing themselves from the book… The reader is then invited to use clever flaps and pop-ups to help the cats escape, and eventually, to resort to wishing.

When the cats do manage to leave, they send a postcard to let the reader know they have managed to break free.

A few artfully blank pages follow…


…before the cats return with a whole host of friends.


I love everything about these books – the breaking of the fourth wall, the unashamed pantomime narration, the interactive flaps and most of all, the glorious illustrations. They’re so colourful and full of cheeky character.

I mean, look at this guy! What’s not to love?!


If you can get a hold of this and There Are Cats in This Book then I can’t recommend strongly enough that you do.

Which are your favourite ‘fun’ books – books which appeal to you as an adult as much as they do to your kids?

Farn ❤




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