Wow! Said the Owl, by Tim Hopgood & White is the Moon, by valerie Greeley


Wow! Said the Owl, by Tim Hopgood & White is the Moon, by valerie Greeley are two books which aim to introduce babies to colour.

My favourite of the two is White is the Moon, but according to the internet, it’s somewhat rarer that Wow! Said the Owl, so I’ve included both.


Wow! Said the Owl

Wow! Said the Owl is a short book about a baby owl who is curious about what happens during the day time while she remains asleep. So one morning, she decides to stay awake and watch the colours of the day. The sun rises – yellow – and dawns across orange flowers, spreading into green trees as time progresses. And the day ends with a rainbow at sunset and bright, multi-coloured twinkling stars.

The illustrations are simple and modern, the prose is clear and concise. This is another book – like My Big Shouting Day – from one of my children’s Bookbug Bags. It’s a solid addition to any home library and a great introduction to colour as more than an abstract concept – there is story there, even if it is small.

White is the Moon

This is one of those books that I love as an adult. The pictures are rich and detailed and the rhyme which serves as a narrative is lovely. Gifted to us by a friend when Daughter was born, this book has probably seen more outings than any others on our shelves. It’s perfect for babies because the rhythm of the poem is almost like a nursery rhyme, but the artwork is varied enough to keep older children interested too.

It’s been out of print for a while, but if you do come across it, it’s so worth buying. It also fits with the Montessori principals of not introducing children under the age of 6 to fantasy. This is an area of children’s books which I’m often asked about but struggle to find recommendations for – so much of the stories we read involve very silly, made-up things – and as a result, I always make a point of noting when something is set very firmly in the real world.

Which are your favourite books for introducing very young children to colour?



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