Today’s ideas…

Another round up of things I found on Twitter and thought looked cool, plus an activity relating to maps that we’re going to be doing with my youngest later.

So, to start off, here’s some lovely ideas from the Woodland Trust. Obviously some of them rely on access to the outdoors, but it’s easy enough to replace the natural materials in activity 4 (‘Create Natural Art’) with things you might have at home – scraps of fabric, old buttons, even pillows and blankets. Think Giant Art Attack (those of you who remember the 90s TV show).

Another really exciting thing I saw was creative writing classes, delivered via YouTube. As someone who’s led writing workshops before, I can whole-heartedly recommend these. They’re all about enjoyment and love of the craft. Absolutely worth having a go at.

If you’ve got the wood, the tools, and the space, then making a bird box is a fabulous family project. Instructions are available for free on the RSPB website.

Cressida Cowell of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ fame has been uploading videos of her, reading her books onto YouTube. You can watch them here.

Today, we’ve been drawing maps of the different rooms in our house as maps were something that nursery was working on when we were all sent home.

I gave the maps to my youngest child, along with three egg-shaped buttons. The task was simple – hide the buttons somewhere in the room, then mark the location on the map and have me find them. Once I’d found them, it was my turn to hide them and mark them on the map.

It’s been a lot of fun for him – less fun for me because I’m not a fan of repetition, but of course, even less fun is him taunting his older sister while she tries to do her school work…

That’s my offering for today – I hope it helps some of you stave off boredom.

Please stay safe, stay at home, and be kind to one another.

And if you can, let me see what you’ve been up to – maybe your quarantine stories will help inspire other people!

With love.
– Farn ❤



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