12 Random Books

This year (2019), Husband and I decided to try something a little different when it came to gift-giving. Instead of buying me a birthday present, Husband has promised to choose me one library book per month.

I have no say whatsoever in the content of the books he chooses, but I’ve promised to read all of them – no matter how obscure I think they might be.

I thought that I would chronicle the experience here.

  1.  June – ‘Oh Dear Silvia’ by Dawn French
  2. July – ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ by Lawrence Anthony, with Graham Spence
  3. August – ‘A cat called Dog’ by Jem Vanston
  4. September – ‘Huntly: Capital of Strathbogie’ by Cyril A Barnes
  5. October – TBC
  6. November – TBC
  7. December – TBC
  8. January – TBC
  9. February – TBC
  10. March – TBC
  11. April – TBC
  12. May – TBC
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